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An events people counter is a system that must now comply with the stringent security and public area regulations introduced in recent years, such as the Gabrielli Decree that limits capacity according to the area to be occupied. Given the highly sensitive topic, the utmost attention must be paid to the choice of sensor and treatment of the installation, to ensure the highest possible accuracy. Our solutions always include secure installations, including for rent, even in an external environment normally lacking support infrastructure.
The Microlog events people counter system measures public attendance of concerts, events, fairs etc. with an approach aimed at the utmost security: when necessary it has vandal or weather protection; where needed it is battery powered and can transmit information via long-range radio frequency, M2M and 4G routers. All collected data are always stored safely on our Checkinweb dedicated platform for historic centres and high streets in general: the reports allow macro-data analysis through customised control panels and specific tools able to interpret data in real time for instant, correct use.

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