Retail Area

Retail Area

We help retailers increase POS traffic, we measure the main KPIs and we improve the overall customer experience.

Mall Area

Mall Area

We measure people traffic, we analyse customers’ behavior, we implement promotional action and loyalty logic.

Public Area

Public Area

We measure and analyze pedonability and people entering to museums or exhibitions, with the same marketing logic of shopping centers.

Reliable and efficient people counting systems
in 350 malls and in 10000 points of sales

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People counting system for events

Why choose Microlog?

For over 20 years now, Microlog has been designing and producing innovative detection, measurement and loyalty creation systems dedicated to optimising the business of those working ‘with the public’, namely: shopping centres, retail and stores, stations and airports, museums and historic centres etc.

Our corporate focus is the development of smart, simple, effective and constantly updated IT solutions, that provide objective knowledge of parameters determining the success of every retail or large retail chain business, through data collection and analysis with specific tools such as:

  • People counting and flow analysis systems
  • Promotional tools
  • Loyalty creation systems
  • Market research.

Microlog produces most of the proposed hardware and software solutions, and is also an accredited partner of the world’s leading detection technology producers.

Microlog. Solutions that count.

Work with us

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