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Wi-Fi tracking is a tool designed to detect the number of devices with active Wi-Fi that are in a fixed area.
With this system it is possible to distinguish customers from passersby and to compute the capture rate, the number of different customers in a certain period, the percentage of returning visitors (even in the same day) and the average dwell time.
The main characteristic of this system lies in the identification of the mac address, a code that is uniquely assigned to the network card of each smartphone and that does not change over time. With the mac address it is possible to find how often the same customers return to a place and to distinguish new visitors from those that have already been at the store. For instance, this allows you to know the cross rate between the various stores in a chain. Furthermore, the system is privacy compliant because the mac address, already anonymous by itself, is treated with an hashing algorithm that protects the data.
This solution gives the opportunity to analyze the KPIs over time and / or in relation to specific events, such as promotional campaigns. Specific devices, such as sellers’ smartphones, are filtered in a black list.
For medium-large commercial areas, an analysis for internal smaller areas is available, in addition to the overall panoramic. As a matter of fact, depending on the number of sensors installed and on the size of the rooms to be monitored, it is also possible to determine the more crowded areas and the average path preferred by the customers.

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Sensor: Wi-Fi
Main KPI: returning customers, shopping time


  • What are the percentage of new customers if compared to the loyal ones?
  • How many days per month do returning customers visit your store?
  • What is the average dwell time?
  • How much can you improve profitability by changing the store layout?
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