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Managing the cleaning

Cleancheck is a tool that counts the number of people who go to the toilet. As soon as the counter reaches a fixed threshold, it sends an alert to the staff.
We know that an always cleaned toilet improves customer’ satisfaction. Cleancheck is an ideal solution for optimizing the cleaning of public toilets and shopping centers toilets because it monitors the turnover of the operators and records all the cleaning interventions, allowing the improvement of the quality of the services offered. It also shows on its display the time of the last sanification.
All the collected data are sent to the dedicated platform, provided with statistics and monitoring tools for a better management of the cleaning shifts.

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Sensors: people counter, rfid


  • How many people enter the toilets?
  • When did the last cleaning take place?
  • Are there times when the toilets are not cleaned enought or are they cleaned too frequently if compared with actual usage?
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