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People Counter for High Streets

Walkers and safety in cities

The Microlog people counter is a tool that can measure the number of people who pass through certain sites in a city in an extremely precise and reliable way.
Microlog has developed and selected the best technologies for difficult outdoor counting operations and especially for large gates, where it is not only necessary to manage large flows of people but also to protect the aesthetic of the landscape.
The Microlog people counting system is useful for measuring visits to the historic center or to the most important streets of a city. We provide modular architectures that can be customized according to the environment and to the specific needs. Our state-of-the-art technologies include detectors with infrared, laser and optical sensors, which can be equipped with battery power and protections against vandalic damages and the effects of atmospheric agents.
All the collected data can be visualized on the Checkinweb platform dedicated to Historic Centers and high streets. The platform we provide has customizable control panels and specific tools to make the use of the data clear and immediate.

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Sensors: TOF, photoelectric, thermal, stereoscopic, laser


  • How many visitors do you have in the various areas and how many could you have?
  • How do events affect the visitor flow?
  • What are the busiest roads?
  • Is it possible to adjust store opening hours according to hourly traffic?
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