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The Wi-Fi tracking for Malls is the solution that Microlog has implemented to detect mobile devices that are in a certain area thanks to the signal that they periodically send.
The identification of individual devices is performed through their mac address, a unique code for each smartphone. Even if the mac address does not identify the owner of the device, in order to have a total guarantee of anonymity, the detected mac addresses are treated with an hashing algorithm. In this way we are really sure that the solution is privacy compliant.
Thanks to the detected Wi-Fi signal, it is possible to obtain precious information about the behavior of individuals: the number of distinct visitors in a fixed unit of time, the average time spent in the Center or in selected areas, the return frequencies, the degree of customer loyalty, the areas of greatest engagement and the preferred tour paths. It is also possible to create specific clusters for each reality, such as the customers who go to the Shopping Center during lunch hours on weekday.

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  • What are the percentages of new, weekly and monthly visitors?
  • How many days per month do returning customers visit your store?
  • What is the average dwell time?
  • Which are the most visited areas?
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