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The Microlog people counter measures the number of people entering and leaving a Shopping Center in a very precise way, with an accuracy over 95%.
Our aim is to find the optimal solution for each Mall, mediating between the requirement of accuracy and the technical needs determined by the nature of the gates.

With the most innovative people counting sensors, with artificial intelligence on board, it is possible to obtain, with a single tool, also: gender recognition (male/female) for people entering and leaving the Shopping Center, exclusion of the staff and identification of buying groups.

staff exclusion, identification of buying groups, gender recognition

The exclusion of the staff is implemented with a wearable tag (discreet and customizable). It makes possible not to count employees as visitors and, as a consequence, to improve the quality of the data. Gender information is useful for customers’ profiling and to support the effective application of gender marketing.

New people counters with AI: staff exclusion, gender recognition, identification of buying groups

The data collected by the people counters can be consulted through Checkinweb, our Analytics platform that our engineers have implemented for shopping centers. With Checkinweb it is possible to immediately visualize the data, to keep the main KPIs under control on customizable dashboards and to make comparisons with specific periods.
The people counter for Malls is a very flexible solution, that follow the evolution of the Mall itself. For instance, it is possible to increase the number of sensors in case of the expansion of the surface of the Mall and to change their locations if structural changes are needed. Today Microlog has over 350 people counting systems installed in as many Shopping Centers. The variety of technologies and architectures we provide, developed in thirty-year of experience, is constantly increasing, thanks to continuous investments in research and development.

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Sensor: TOF, photoelectric, thermal, stereoscopic, laser


  • How many visitors do you have in your Mall and how many could you have?
  • Is your marketing campaign effective?
  • Is your resource planning optimized?
  • Why your Mall has a performance that doesn’t satisfy you?
  • How do the weather conditions affect your Center’s performance?
  • How much can you improve?
  • Which are the percentages of males and females that enter or exit the Mall?
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