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The Microlog people counter is a precise and reliable tool that allows you to measure the number of customers entering and leaving a store.
Analyzing the traffic at the point of sales is very important because it provides precious information to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing actions and to take strategic decisions.

With the most innovative people counting sensors, with artificial intelligence on board, it is also possible to obtain: gender recognition (percentage of men and women entering/exiting the store), exclusion of the staff (through a wearable tag, discreet and customizable) and identification and counting of buying groups.staff exclusion, identification of buying groups, gender recognition

The exclusion of the staff and the counting of purchasing groups are useful to improve the quality of the data. The exclusion of the staff makes it possible not to count the store’s employees as shop visitors; the number of buying groups allows to obtain a conversion rate that is more related to sales performance, especially when comparing weekends and weekdays. Gender information is useful for customers’ profiling and to support the effective application of gender marketing.

The data collected by the people counter can be visualized through our powerful portal of Retail Analytics: Checkinweb. The platform is equipped with simple control panels, designed to meet the retailer’s needs and to guarantee an immediate use of the data, that are consultable up to a 5 minutes detail.
In addition to the number of visitors, which is the second main potential of the store after the traffic near the shop window, the people counter allows to define other important indicators about the current performance and the growth potential of the store. By accessing Checkinweb you can immediately visualize intuitive dashboards, which process the data and make the KPIs ready to be translated into concrete actions, without further complications. It is also possible to analyze the number of customers involved in promotions and make comparisons with specific periods or other stores of the chain. The optimization of the staff, the most important resource in the store, is another crucial point: an analysis of the relationship between staff and customers – always in relation to sales – makes possible to determine whether it is advidable to increase, decrease or differentiate the number of sellers in the shop.

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Sensor: TOF, photoelectric, thermal, stereoscopic, laser
Main KPI: Conversion rate


  • How many visitors do you have in your store and how many could you have?
  • How many people leave the store without buying?
  • Is your marketing campaign effective?
  • Is your staff planning optimized?
  • Why your store has a performance that doesn’t satisfy you?
  • How does the weather conditions affect the performance of your store?
  • How much can you improve?
  • Which are the percentages of males and females that enter or exit the store?
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