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Percentage change in Shopping Center visitors compared to the previous year, and trend for the current year

Thanks to Microlog counting systems, installed in more than 350 Shopping Centers and about 10,000 stores, we are able to collect a large amount of data and return very reliable trends on visitor flows.

The indexes contained in this page are processed every month, and show the percentage variation of entries compared to the previous year. We have divided the Malls by Italian Region, considering only the regions for which we can analyse a sufficient number of centers to make the sample representative.

Monthly the page will be updated with the trends of the month just passed, and with graphs showing the overall trend at national level, both in comparison with the previous year and for the current year. Through the appropriate button at the bottom of the page, it is always possible to download the pdf with the data file for the current year.

We are also working on a visitors index for Retail. In the near future this page will be enriched with the number of admissions in stores divided by main product sectors. Keep on following us! ;-)


National trend of current year over the previous year – OCTOBER: +1.9% (on 2022) _ -10.3% (on 2019)

The 2023 indices analyze the trend in inflows over 2022 and 2019 (pre-Covid year).


YTD (Year to date) 2023/2022: +6.1% _ 2023/2019: -11.9%

LTM (Last twelve months) 22/23 vs 21/22: +5.8% _ vs 19/20: +16.3%

Regional Trend – October 2023 vs 2022 and 2019

Percentage change in visitors, month on month, for the current year – national



In October, the national trend in mall entries is up +1.9% over 2022. It leaves instead a -10.3% on 2019, improving from the previous month’s -13.3%.
Regional analysis: comparing with 2022, the Italian regions with the most positive performance for October are Toscana (+5.5%), and Marche (+4.1%), while on 2019 the best trends are from Puglia (-3,9%) and Campania, which mark -5.0%.

In a close comparison with the previous month, October loses -0.1% over September 2023.

Report Mall – 2023

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