Our 2024 is going great: we have recently completed the people counting system for the large shopping mall Merlata Bloom Milano!

Inaugurated in November 2023, the Merlata Bloom complex (70 thousand square metres of floor space and 210 shops) stands out for its sophisticated design and innovative architecture. It is a sustainable project, with the enhancement of natural light through a large glass dome and the use of over 4,000 cubic metres of laminated wood for maximum CO2 absorption. The interior spaces are organised to promote wellbeing and socialisation, with many green areas to feel in touch with nature.

The customer’s request was for a reliable and efficient people counting system for a footfall analysis that is as accurate as possible.


System characteristics

For Merlata Bloom Milano, Microlog planned the installation of people counting sensors in all the entrances of the centre, including lifts, escalators and underground: 22 devices in total, including 19 3D cameras and three infrared Smartchecks.

The innovative and valuable architecture of the complex also determined careful work from an aesthetic point of view: maximum attention to detail and, where possible, use of flush-mounted sensors.

In addition, the client requested to be able to distinguish the gender of the entrants and to detect purchasing groups, two advanced functionalities offered by the 3D sensors used.

All the data collected by the sensors converge within our analytics platform CheckinWeb, which through intuitive statistics and graphs allows the performance to be analysed at any time.

A project that makes us proud

Shopping Centres is perhaps the predominant area of our business, which to date has almost 400 malls monitored, and it is always special when our customer base is enriched by a prestigious installation like the one for Merlata Bloom Milano. A big thank you to Nhood Services Italy for their trust in us.

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