Retail Area

Know your customers and improve profitability

People dealing with retail know how important it is to have the best KPIs in the industry, to measure and improve the shopping experience directly through advanced and reliable tools allowing an objective check of their business performance based on results monitored in real time: with the Retail tools supplied by Microlog you can make more informed decisions, easily analyse sales outlet traffic and obtain valuable information on your customers, the effectiveness of your marketing operations, and current global trends… by crosschecking these data with receipts issued, sales turnover and the number of people employed in-store, you can immediately see crucial indicators and information for the proper management of your sales outlet!
So, whether you need to evaluate the ‘conversion-rate’ based on the rent to window capture rate ratio, measure sales performance or the effectiveness of an advertising campaign, or you want to optimise the strategic management of staff shifts or employee incentives, Microlog is always the right partner for every retailer. Because Microlog offers customised marketing solutions and specific tools for analysing trends, increasing in-store flows and improving the customer experience, encouraging sales and creating customer loyalty, including dedicated promotional services.
 Discover all our Retail services and products and increase your sales turnover with Microlog!

Your objectives

  • Staff management
  • Sales performance analysis (conversion rate)
  • Marketing campaign evaluation
  • Increase traffic
  • Window attractiveness
  • Visit time
  • Churn rate
  • Visit frequencies
  • Percentage of new customers
  • Most frequented areas
  • Most used routes
  • Cash desk waiting time
  • Customised dashboard
  • Automatic reports