How to manage access and presence in Supermarkets? Here are three proposals with Microlog people counting systems.

Microlog is able to offer a range of reliable and efficient solutions for people counting and attendance management. Some of these systems have been designed and introduced precisely to help businesses cope with the Covid emergency, complying with the safety directives imposed by the situation we are experiencing.

In addition to their functionality, the strength of our solutions is flexibility. We are able to customize offers according to specific needs, both in terms of technical possibilities and costs.

An example of a commercial reality for which it is winning to have great flexibility is certainly that of Supermarkets.

The needs of this type of activity can be very different. It can be a stand-alone store, therefore with centralized entrance and exit, or it can be inserted inside a Mall: it is precisely in the latter case that it becomes necessary to study an ad hoc solution that can count effectively between those who enter and those who exit only from the supermarket, excluding from the data those who have exclusively visited the stores in the gallery.

The three proposals by Microlog

Microlog offers different people counting solutions for access management, effective and modular, with the aim of ensuring an offer as personalized and tailored to the specific needs of the Supermarket.

1. Entry and exit counting with stereoscopic 3D sensor technology

It is the most precise and reliable technology, with an accuracy of over 98%. The stereoscopic 3D sensor is ceiling mountable (up to 6 meters high) and requires Ethernet cabling.


The system is scalable by simply adding additional devices to the network; the number of sensors needed is to be evaluated on a case by case approach, especially considering the number of gates that require counting (e.g. checkouts) and their distance from each other, so as to correctly fit into the field of view of each sensor

2. Entry and exit counting with SMARTCHECK infrared sensor technology

Our Smartcheck people counters use photoelectric technology and are completely wireless. The ease of installation is combined with the convenience of having a device that does not require any wiring – being powered by batteries – and that proves to be very reliable in counting.


The number of entries and exits detected by the devices is sent via radio to a control unit, able to show in real time how many people are inside the Supermarket, even in case of multiple gates.

3. Entry-only counting and exit calculation with predictive algorithm – Infrared or stereoscopic 3D sensor

The latter option can be used when you want to cut installation costs – especially if you need to provide a people counter for each Supermarket checkout – while partly renouncing the maximum accuracy of the data.

In essence, it is planned to exploit the technologies previously exposed, but only at the entrance of the Supermarket. The outlets are measured thanks to a predictive algorithm designed by Microlog able to calculate the exits on the basis of the entrances.

In this case we must therefore accept a certain margin of error, but it is a functional solution that we have already tested with the satisfaction of our customers.

How do you control the entries and capacities?


The management of accesses and presences is realized through specific control devices in real time. In fact, the technologies we propose can be combined with a traffic light system, with monitors, or both, to regulate the flow of people respecting the set capacity.

In addition, the systems can be connected to our App CheckinWeb, which allows you to improve the management of entries and to store data for further marketing analysis.

Our team is at your complete disposal to evaluate together the most suitable solution for your needs. CONTACT US for more information!