New product, versatile and easy to install, that completes the offer of our access management systems: extendable barriers for stores and activities!

As you know by now, we of Microlog have planned a system of accesses and presences management, fundamental in Covid era and by now installed in many realities, from the chains of Supermarkets to the stores.

Our systems are always in updating and we never fail to add new solutions, to help the commercial activities to guarantee a shopping in maximum safety.

From today, thanks to our technology partner Airbar-Q, we are able to offer our customers a new product: gates with traffic light device and extendable barrier for queue and access management.


How does it work and what are its uses?

The product is designed to connect to people counting devices, just like those signed Microlog, which monitor customers entering and leaving a store or a certain area. Knowing the data of the live presence and the capacity, the system allows or blocks the access to the premises, either through a traffic light signal (red/green), or through the extension of the inflatable barrier.

It is an ideal system for stores, and more generally for any activity that has the objective of managing queues. It can be installed near entrance doors, toilets and in areas open to the public divided into different zones.

And that’s not all: the barriers make it possible to manage and control access to the checkout, limiting contact between customers and staff. In this way, the next customer can access the checkout only after the previous one has cleared the area.

The main features of the system:

  • The barriers are made of a soft, flexible material, averting risks to customer safety.
  • The gate is retractable: it extends with a red light (when access is blocked) and retracts with a green light (when access is allowed).
  • The access system can be a single door or a double door.
  • Since the barriers are weatherproof, the units can also be placed outdoors.
  • This is a scalable system with standard and optional features to meet every need.
  • The barriers work with all people counting systems: both wireless with infrared sensors and stereoscopic with 3D sensors.

Manual or automatic operation

The gate can operate in a remote manual version, which allows operators to control queues. Having available the number of people present and the degree of crowding of the room, the staff can allow or block access to the area through a remote control.

In automatic mode, instead, the barrier will be activated autonomously when the preset capacity is reached.

No disruption to existing architectures: this product can be perfectly integrated with the people counting devices already present and previously installed 😉

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