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People counting solutions with traffic lights and monitors, to limit the access to the stores, to manage the presences and to avoid crowds.


The epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 has put a strain on our country, with companies and commercial activities that have had to reorganize.

In particular, it has been necessary to provide specific measures to limit the entrances, avoid assemblies and limit the spread of contagions.

During the weeks of lockdown, the Microlog team has worked to offer a contribution to the management in safety of the reopenings, projecting solutions for the management of the presences inside (or outside) of stores, Supermarkets, Commercial Centers, places, outdoor realities.

Our systems – today already installed at the entrances of many activities and Supermarkets – are continuously improved, in order to make them more efficient and flexible.


The Microlog systems preview first of all the count of people that enter and exit from the store, to establish the number of presences inside. This data, on the base of a preset maximum capacity, will allow to command the devices of controlmonitor and/or semaphore – which will allow, or will block, the access of other persons.

Here is a detailed description of the components and functioning of our solutions:

1. Accurate and reliable PEOPLE COUNTING


The first step is to have a valid people counting system (image 1), to be installed at the entrances and exits of the store. It can be infrared or with 3D sensor (the most popular and effective technologies today), but if you want you can opt for other counting technologies according to specific needs (eg. thermal or laser). We are partners with the world’s leading manufacturers.

The solution with the infrared sensor of Microlog – SMARTCHECK – foresees a wireless device (it doesn’t need power supply) installable to wall, with dedicated supports or on columns in cartotecnica.

Data on the number of people entering and exiting is sent by radio every 5 seconds to a control unit, which is able to show the number of people inside the store, in real time and also in case of multiple gates.

Stereoscopic 3D technology is the most precise and reliable, with an accuracy of over 98%. The cameras can be installed on the ceiling (up to 6 meters high), require power and require Ethernet cabling. They are ideal for wide openings.

2. CONTROL DEVICES (traffic lights and monitors)

With the attendance data collected by the people counters, setting the maximum capacity threshold and integrating a control device into the system, an automatic management solution is created that can regulate access independently.

It is possible to opt for the traffic light (image 2), available in various types (on columns or countertop), with a light that turns red whenever the maximum capacity is reached. The functioning of the solution with traffic lights is illustrated in the image at the beginning of the page.


As an alternative (or in conjunction) to the traffic lights it is possible to choose the monitor (image 3), which through a clear display sign (green or red) will tell people whether to enter or stay in the queue. In addition to this, the screens are able to report information on the percentage of capacity reached and the remaining free seats.


Finally, it is possible to set the block of the gates, which will be activated automatically when the maximum threshold of people is reached, or manually by an operator.

Extendable barrier gates

This device combines the traffic light signal (red-green) with a soft air barrier, which extends automatically (or remotely with an operator), preventing access to the rooms when the preset capacity is reached. Click here and find out more!


3. APP and Portal CHECKINWEB by Microlog

The systems can be connected to our CheckinWeb App, available on Google Play and App Store, which allows you to check the number of attendees and set capacities at any time. Through the web portal it is also possible to archive data and view statistics for further marketing analysis.

In addition, if you want a manual management of accesses, an operator can read the data on the App and block new entries when the maximum threshold is reached.


  • They are reliable and tested systems, today present in important chains of Supermarkets and stores.
  • They are modular, flexible and scalable systems (it is possible to add as many sensors to the network as there are gates to be controlled, both in entrance and exit).
  • Available both for indoor and outdoor use.
  • For those who already have Microlog people counters installed, the solutions are particularly convenient, cause is possible to use the already active sensors and integrate only traffic light, monitor and App.
  • They are also available to rent, to keep them active only the necessary time, until the Covid emergency is not returned.



This new device makes it easier for operators to check green passes, making the process autonomous for the customer. The latter, by bringing his smartphone close to the back of the reader, will be able to automatically verify the validity of his green certificate. Click here and learn more!

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