Coronavirus Emergency

COVID-19: access and attendance management
How people counting can help limit contagion

Microlog attendance management - automatic solutions


To Art. 1 of the Italian DPCM 9 March 2020 (GU Serie Generale n.62 del 09-03-2020) we read the following (original Italian text with English translation below):

1. Allo scopo di contrastare e contenere il diffondersi del virus COVID-19 le misure di cui all’art. 1 del decreto del  Presidente  del Consiglio dei ministri 8 marzo 2020 sono estese all’intero territorio nazionale.
1. In order to counteract and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the measures referred to in art. 1 of the Prime Minister’s decree of 8 March 2020 are extended to the whole national territory.

2. Sull’intero territorio  nazionale  è  vietata  ogni  forma  di assembramento di persone in luoghi pubblici o aperti al pubblico.
2. On the whole national territory any form of gathering of people in public or open to the public places is prohibited.

We know that more and more nations are adopting similar rules.

Which solutions?

In the hope of being able to make our contribution in this situation of epidemiological emergency, Microlog can offer different solutions to manage access and attendance and thus avoid gatherings.

Solutions with operator They include a people counter capable of returning the number of people present in the location, on a display and in real time. From his position near the gate, an employee can personally manage the accesses, preventing people to enter when the number of present shown on the display reaches a predetermined threshold.

Solutions without operator They regulate access autonomously thanks to a traffic light and, consequently, without requiring operators. By setting the maximum admissible attendance threshold, the traffic light will turn red when this threshold is reached, then turn green again when it will be possible to host other people again.
The functioning is shown in the image of this page.

All the solutions are wireless and:
– they are composed of materials that can be shipped, to allow installation by yourself (with telephonic assistance by a specialized Microlog technician, if necessary);
– ​they are available for hire and with the possibility to renew the contract, in order to be able to keep them active only for the necessary time, until the end of the emergency situation.

For who?

Thanks to a proven experience of thirty years in the management of accesses and flows of people, Microlog solutions for counting people can become an important help to counteract the spread of the virus by controlling access and gatherings.

They can be implemented in all places still open to the public, such as:

  • supermarkets and hypermarkets;
  • grocery stores;
  • pharmacies;
  • public offices;
  • banks;
  • churches and places of worship;
  • parklands;
  • other shops and other realities in which the public is involved.

Click here to read also about the manual solutions for managing access and attendance.

Microlog’s activities continue. In the hope that the emergency situation can end as soon as possible, the Microlog Team remains available for every need.

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